Failure Analysis of Heat Exchanger Unit (1)
Updated : 2021/04/09
What is a heat exchange unit?

The heat exchange unit is a complete heat exchange station composed of heat exchanger, temperature control valve group, trap group (when the heat medium is steam) circulating pump, electric control cabinet, base, pipeline, valve, instrument, etc.


1. Q: How to judge whether the heat exchanger is blocked?

If the pressure difference between the supply and return water of the primary side or the inlet and outlet pressure difference of the secondary side heat exchanger exceeds more than 0.15MPa, and the secondary water supply temperature is not hot, please check whether the heat exchanger is blocked.The inspection method is to remove and wash the heat exchanger.


2. Q: What are the reasons why the system is not hot? How should it be analyzed?

The secondary water supply temperature is low . The reasons are as follows:

Insufficient flow of primary water supply: Check whether all valves of primary water supply and return water line are fully opened. Check whether the primary water supply filter is clogged. If all the valves are opened, judge the pressure difference of the supply and return water again. If the pressure difference is less than 0.05Mpa, please let heating company increase the flow rate .If the pressure difference between water supply and return on the primary side is greater than 0.15MPa, please clean the heat exchanger.

The secondary system is not smooth: Check whether all valves of the supply and return water line on the secondary side are fully opened. The secondary side filter is blocked.

When the pressure difference between inlet and outlet of the secondary side of heat exchanger is higher than 0.15MPa, the heat exchanger is blocked. Please clean the heat exchanger.