Failure Analysis of Heat Exchanger Unit (2)
Updated : 2021/04/13
3. Q: There is pressure in the system, and the pressure gauge reads 0. What is the reason?

If the needle valve of the pressure gauge is closed, the pressure gauge always shows 0. During the operation of the system, ensure that all pressure gauges matching needle valves are in a fully open state.

4. Q: What is the cause of secondary side overpressure? How to deal with overpressure? How to prevent secondary system overpressure?

In the initial operation of the system, the secondary temperature is relatively low. After the water replenishment reaches the constant pressure value, the pressure of the secondary system will rise with the continuous increase of the temperature. At this time, one is to exhaust more air and the other is to drain water. When discharging water, open the discharge valve of the secondary return water pipeline. When the temperature of the system stabilizes, the pressure will no longer rise.

5. Q: How to judge if the filter is clogged?

If the temperature difference between the primary water supply temperature and the primary water return temperature is large, the high temperature water exceeds 45 degrees or more, the low temperature water exceeds 30 degrees or more, and the secondary water supply is not hot, please check whether the filter of the primary water supply is blocked at this time.

If the temperature difference between the secondary water supply temperature and the secondary return water temperature is large, the temperature difference of the floor heating is more than 15 degrees, the temperature difference of the radiator heating is more than 30 degrees, and the pressure difference is very small, please check whether the filter at the secondary return water is blocked.

6. Q: What should I do if the failure indicator light of the unit is on, that is, the yellow indicator light on the control cabinet is on?

The fault indicator light indicates that the corresponding pump overload, the motor current exceeds the rated current, and the thermal relay plays a protective role. The lifting method is to reset by pressing the reset button on the thermal relay. Note that the reset can only be done after the thermal relay is cooled, otherwise the reset will be invalid.

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