Notes for Disassembly Inspection of Plate Heat Exchanger (2)
Updated : 2020/11/18
       (2) Chemical cleaning method.

The surface of the heat exchange plate, especially the dead corner where the medium flows, has relatively hard sediments (oxides or carbides), which is difficult to be solved by manual cleaning method. Different chemical solvents can be used to clean the heat exchange plate according to its material.

7. when heat exchanger plate scab, in order to avoid accelerating the corrosion of plate. Do not use wire brush to wash, especially stainless steel plate,If there is any stain or rust on the plate, use detergent to remove it.

8. Clean water must be free of salt, sulfur and other ingredients.

9. If there is debris accumulation in the short pipe and channel of medium inlet and outlet, it indicates that the filter is invalid and should be cleaned in time.

10. After the heat exchange plate is cleaned by chemical method, clean it with clean water, then wipe it with fine gauze and put it in a clean place for later use.

11. Solid particles, such as sand and iron slag, are strictly prohibited on the surface of the sealing gasket and heat exchange plate (in the groove).

12. Check the sealing gasket for aging, deterioration, crack and other defects, and forbid hard articles to scratch on the surface.

13. Check whether there is local deformation of the heat exchange plate. If it exceeds the allowable value, it shall be repaired or replaced.